Magnolia Gold Records, Inc. was established in the spring of 2007 by the late blues legend Delaney Bramlett and his wife Suze Lanier-Bramlett in order to release music independently on their own label. The name of their record label was derived from a gorgeous magnolia tree that grew right outside of their bedroom. The Magnolia Gold Records logo was established when Delaney pulled a beautiful magnolia blossom from the tree. Suze photographed the blossom, and it has since been the official logo for the record label.

The first release of Magnolia Gold Records was Delaney's award winning CD “A New Kind of Blues.” This album was Delaney's first release since 2002, and it was warmly received with radio airplay and rave reviews. Delaney was thrilled to finally have full control over the creative content of his music and the way his work would be received by fans. Delaney also truly valued having artistic control in the design of the cover artwork, which was created by himself and Suze.

Before his passing in 2008, Delaney and Suze collaborated on the plans for future albums by Delaney which are soon to be released under the Magnolia Gold record label. We are thrilled to present the last works of Delaney Bramlett in the very near future.

The second release of Magnolia Gold Records was “Swamp Cabaret,” Suze Lanier-Bramlett's debut album. “Swamp Cabaret” is the soundtrack to Suze's hysterically funny, as well as deeply moving, one woman show (by the same name) frequently playing to sold out houses in Los Angeles. "Swamp Cabaret" has been getting airplay in both the states and internationally on stations broadcasting blues, country blues, and singer-songwriter genres.

Stay tuned to Magnolia Gold for upcoming releases and future projects!